Interview with our CEO
by The Edge Malaysia Weekly, 8 May 2016
Impact investing, which combines the best of traditional investing and philanthropy, has been around for more than a decade but investors are still not familiar with it. Asia Community Ventures CEO and co-founder P. Ming Wong hopes to change the situation.
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Equity Crowdfunding
by Ming Wong, 2 Aug 2015
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Adopting the London Principles
by Ming Wong and Philo Alto, 5 Sep 2014
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From SF to Hong Kong, the PCV network finds new solutions to old problems
by Amelia Pentecost, 25 Apr 2014
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ACV at the 3rd IIPC Annual Conference
by Ming Wong, 22 Aug 2013
Last month, I visited the Said Business School in Oxford for the second time. My first trip was two years ago to attend the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. The occassion this time was representing ACV at the third annual conference of the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative. Just three weeks before our event, Prime Minister David Cameron took advantage of his G8 Presidency to introduce impact investing to the world stage as well as showcase Britain’s leadership in this growing field. At the summit, G8 leaders acknowledged that impact investing is a valuable tool for solving some of our world’s most pressing social problems and agreed to promote it by creating an enabling policy environment that can support promising innovations and help scale market-based solutions.
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Connecting the Dots of Impact Investing in Asia
by Remi Kanji is a co-founder of the Social Innovation Research Group, 15 Apr 2013
Rockefeller Foundation’s East and Southeast Asia Impact Investing Forum managed to frame and address two core challenges faced by new social entrepreneurs in the Asian market: limited early stage investment and an ecosystem that is only just beginning to coalesce.
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The One Launching Asia Community Ventures
by Ming Wong, 12 Mar 2013
Rockefeller Foundation, one of America’s oldest private foundations which recently celebrated its centennial anniversary, has provided grant funding to ACV (the first Hong Kong-based non-profit organization to receive such support) to expand on its EngageHK initiative to study the policy frameworks necessary to build an ecosystem for promoting social enterprises, catalyze demand for and supply of impact investment capital for enterprises and intermediaries serving poor or vulnerable populations in Hong Kong.
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