Our co-founders Ming Wong and Philo Alto first worked together on the EngageHK initiative for Hong Kong in January 2012.

Our initial plan was to conduct a mapping exercise of the Hong Kong social space as dispassionate observers, even "outsiders." But somewhere along the way our EngageHK journey took an unexpected turn. The context shifted because the process of mapping evolved into a deeper course of discovery for both individual players and the social space as a whole. EngageHK encouraged people to leave their silos and share their experiences; a few participants also encouraged as to provide the community voice that had been missing.

This discovery, along with the encouragement of RS Group and the Rockefeller Foundation, eventually led to the establishment of a new independent, non-profit organization called Asia Community Ventures so that we can continue the work of EngageHK and contribute the development of a social sector ecosystem for Hong Kong and Asia.