About ACV

Asia Community Ventures (“ACV”) is an independent Hong Kong-based not-for-profit organization that was incorporated on September 13, 2012 and awarded tax-exempt charitable status under section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance in January 2013. Our mission is to promote collaboration among key players in the social sector ecosystem to catalyze the flow of ideas and capital for a sustainable society.

Our logo is a sailboat, made up of the seven pieces of a Tangram. Each piece represents an important subsector - government, academia, corporations, foundations, social enterprises, nonprofits and intermediaries - that together make up the social sector ecosystem. When the sector collaborates, the number of new ideas and impact that can be created are bound only by one's imagination, in the same way that Tangram pieces can be rearranged to generate a limitless number of new shapes.

Our tagline 同舟共濟 orginates from an ancient Chinese saying that people in the same boat need to work together, despite any differences they might have. We believe it perfectly captures the need for collaboration for all players in our social sector ecosystem.